It's not just a guessing game...

It is our strategic, data-driven evaluation that validates the scale up potential and expected ROI of hundreds of concepts and technologies. We select only the highest scoring concepts to bring forward and be transformed into blossoming business ventures.

Product concept generation
Extensive ideation combined with sourcing of the finest global scientific research helps us zero in on concepts that not only solve real-world problems, but also match the current demands of public and private investors.
Business model definition
Business model definition is the output of our hands-on validation process, in which we iterate the model and pivot when necessary to produce a functional and lean methodology for each business' operations.
Formation of expert team
Leveraging upon the know-how and ingeniousness of industry experts, we create sturdy teams to be the founding members of the prospective companies. The team members can join in various capacities based on their experience and skillsets, such as CEO, CTO, CFO Data Analyst, Project Manager, and more.
Startup Incorporation
A legal entity is established to carry out the formation of the business and process all the required registrations. We prioritize incorporating in strategic locations around the globe to ensure the best potential implementation of operations and wellbeing of the entity and its employees.